The World of Fairies

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About Fairies


Are fairies small?


Most people think they are small, insect-like creatures. However, Fairies are human sized. They either have butterfly wings, which are big, or dragonfly wings, which are smaller.


How do they dress?


A fairy's natural state, like mermaids, is to keep their top half uncovered. They cover the bottom half with rags or leaves.


What do fairies eat?


Fairies love anything sweet. Things such as sugar, chocolate, cake, or chocolate cake!!


Do they live in the sky?


Fairies live deep in the forest with other fairies. These areas are called "Elven settlements". Other creatures, or "Elvens", such as elves or mermaids live in settlements with others of their kind too.

Can I go in the forest and capture one?


No this is cruel. You really can't find them anyway. You let the fairy find you, which probably won't happen.


How come humans haven't reported Fairies


They live deep in the woods, and they blend right into the environment as if they weren't there.


Are there boy fairies?


Of course there are boy fairies this is a silly question to ask honestly.


Can fairies fly above the clouds?


Fairies cannot fly a whole lot they mainly hover like a helicopter. They can hover about ten feet in the air.


Are fairies mean?


No they are not evil they are just very shy.


What does fairy dust do?


Fairy dust has incredible healing powers that can work instantly on open wounds. While the wings shed the fairy dust can be collected in a little veil that they save for healing.